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   Jack Moves got his start late in 2014. A Member of Toronto metal groups Godstopper and Ayahuasca and a former member of hardcore act Column of Heaven, he had grown tired of working within the limits of heavy music, and so decided to strike out on his own.


   Inspired by live looping performances of Reggie Watts, Jack started busking at the corner of Queen and Spadina in downtown Toronto. As a one-man band with a captivating and crowd-pleasing live show, he quickly started playing a wide variety of venues, from clubs to parties to tattoo shops to Portuguese restaurants; sharing the stage with hip hop artists, electronic producers (he is the host and DJ for the monthly concert series “Frequencies”), metal and post-hardcore bands, and many others. He also ran a weekly-updated live looping youtube channel from 2015-2018.    


   With his first EP, I Go to Work, Jack distilled his live show, which at the time involved  him creating all the music live, using just his voice and a looping pedal. His first full east-coast Canadian tour followed. 

   Then, in 2017, Jack emerged with a new ep, I Been Working. It showcased an expansion of his palette, which now included a far vaster array of electronic sounds. Vocal-based live looping, although not as prominent in his recorded output going forward, remained an important element in his live show. 

   Speaking of shows, Jack followed up the release of I Been Working with a spring tour of Europe that saw him travel across ten countries, with a highlight of opening up for experimental hip hop legends Dälek in Budapest. Following that, it was back home to canada for another east coast tour with fellow weirdo solo act/MC, Garbageface. A few singles followed, showcasing Jack's trademark diversity...80's-influenced melodies here ("Demon Eyes"), demented choral parts there ("Moment of your Time"), and straight up hip hop bars over there ("Emilia"), and in turn saw him receive praise from the likes of Earmilk, the CBC, and Alan Cross’ A Journal of Musical Things. A return visit to Europe at the end of the same year saw him further solidify his fan base abroad.

   Later 2018 saw him make an appearance at Follyfest 10 in New Brunswick, and a third visit to Europe in the fall; at around which point he released the EP I’m Insane, a collection of Ozzy Osbourne covers re-done in his unique style.

   As 2019 draws towards an end, Jack is happy to announce his first full-length album, Passing Protagonists, is soon to come, and will feature further electronic experimentation, richer harmonies, more novel blends of genre and a loose concept revolving around the comedic absurdity of the “western” experience. 


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"Before I found out more about the artist, I couldn't help but imagine a group like LCD Soundsystem putting together an army of people on various machines, multiple vocalists, instruments crowding the stage all trying to orchestrate this sound. But little did I know that it's all coming from a hurricane of a musician called Jack Moves."


—  David Sikorski, Earmilk

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